Marian & Conor

- Entwined Lives -

Why we chose you

We found you from searching online and came across your website. Your website seemed to perfectly capture what we were looking for.

Other celebrants focused on the fact that they offer non-secular ceremonies whereas your website focused on capturing the relationship and going on a journey. For us 'the wedding' didn't really matter, we didn't care about flowers, or photographers, or decorations. What we cared about was our relationship, and using our engagement to take the time to reflect on where we have come and commit to where we are going. Yours was the only website that mirrored that sentiment.

Then, when we had our first Skype meeting, we felt like we had known you for years and we knew we had found the one.

The preps

We knew from the very first moment we spoke with you that we had found the perfect person to celebrate the beginning of our marriage with, you felt like family from day one!

We found the preparation was excellent. This was uncharted waters for us, and with the ceremony being the most important aspect of the entire wedding for us, we really wanted something unique. From the very first meeting we were at ease, and knew that we were going to enjoy every single moment of the preparation. You understood our wishes immediately and throughout our interactions it always felt like you had known us for years. After every call we always came away so excited because it was like you were reading our mind. The number of interactions was perfect for us, and having a substantial amount of time between the calls worked really well. It gave us the time needed to really focus and reflect on the tasks we needed to complete (e.g vows, questionnaires) but we always knew you were there if we needed any help.

Writing our vows was the most emotionally charged part of the preparation. Getting to reflect on our relationship in such an in-depth personal way and to put into our own words what we both mean to each other was very special. Also, completing the questionnaires was an incredible experience for us, to think back over our years together and draw out what makes our relationship unique to us was the perfect way to prepare for this huge commitment we were making to each other. The questionnaires gave us the opportunity to ask ourselves questions that we may not have otherwise have asked. Putting our feelings into words made it very real.

Our ceremony

There are no words to truly describe the ceremony! But we’ll try! The ceremony went beyond anything we could ever have imagined. Truly the best experience of our lives. The intimacy and emotion was incredible but it also felt light and fun and full of joy. It captured our feelings about our marriage so perfectly, the seriousness of the commitment but the joy and fun in our lives together. It’s difficult to explain how amazing it feels to have your story as a couple portrayed in such a beautiful way, but for that hour it felt like the only people that existed in the world were us and those we love. We felt so content and in the moment, it’s a feeling we will never ever forget. From the moment you arrived at the venue everything was taken care of, we had complete trust in you and you absolutely went beyond our expectations.

Your words perfectly captured the very essence of our relationship and who we are. They were incredibly moving, and it felt like a true gift to hear our relationship story so beautifully portrayed. The themes throughout your speech and the ceremony represented everything that is important to us in our lives. Your words and the words of our family members perfectly intertwined with each other. We have read over your words numerous times since the wedding and every time we read them it brings back all the same emotions again. It's incredible! It was amazing how you managed to take the information we gave you and display it in such a manner that it felt like you have known us for 10 years.

The guests were blown away by the ceremony!! Everyone felt so incredibly connected and present and all of our family have commented on how special and unique the ceremony was! It was obvious to them all how comfortable and at ease we were throughout. We could only be like that because we knew that you had everything covered.

Impact of this marriage preparation

It gave us the very unique and rare opportunity to reflect on our relationship, to see how it has grown and changed from where it began. It has made us appreciate each other even more and has brought us even closer together. Reflection is such an important part of life but it's so rare we get to do it.

It is easy to forget what your relationship has gone through and how it has developed. This marriage preparation brought us back to so many amazing moments throughout our time together and let us reflect on the strengths of our relationship.

Reflecting on our relationship over the 9 months preparation leading up to our ceremony set such a solid foundation for our marriage. The words we have shared with each other and the discussions the three of us have had will live with us forever. We can always look back on those 9 months to remember what brought us to marriage and what makes us unique.

What our collaboration has brought us most

You have an amazing ability to identify what makes a couple unique, and by doing this, you in turn hold a mirror up for the couple to see for themselves that they are unique.

Your guidance throughout was nothing short of exceptional. Not only for us, but for our family members who you were in contact with. They all told us how lucky we were to have found you. For us, everything about your guidance felt so natural and unique to us and our relationship. It felt like we had a close friend guiding us through who truly cared about our relationship and capturing our love in a very real way. We are particularly grateful for your guidance on how to remember Marian’s father on the day. You said that it would be important for Marian herself to speak about her father, even when she wasn’t sure she could, and she is forever grateful that you said that. It is a moment we will never forget and one Marian will cherish for the rest of her life.

From a personal relationship perspective, completing the questionnaire was the most beneficial aspect of the process. It gave us the opportunity to reflect and to draw out what is important and unique to us as a couple. From a practical perspective, we never once had to worry about the ceremony. We had complete trust in you, and knew that everything would run smoothly with you at the helm.

Who we recommend your guidance to

We have said since we came home from the wedding that it was the best experience of our lives but that it wouldn't be for every couple.

We would recommend this service to couples who are less focused on 'the wedding' and more focused on the marriage. This service isn't a ceremony/wedding preparation service, it's marriage preparation. The ceremony is just the final step in the marriage preparation, the moment it all comes together.

Preparing for your marriage is the single most important thing you can do and the best decision we made regarding the wedding was choosing you. A couple of days before the wedding day itself we said to each other that regardless of what happened during the ceremony we had already had the most magical journey with you, we truly felt like you'd given us a gift. The gift of seeing the real beauty in our relationship.

We would recommend your service to couples who are truly committed to their marriage and are willing to put the time and effort into exploring their relationship in a real and genuine way.

Marian, Conor and Marylin Rebelo after their wedding ceremony in Zermatt