The Enneagram

A Journey to Self-Discovery and Connection with the World

In 2019, a profound revelation altered the course of my life: the discovery of the Enneagram. This term, echoing in my ears for the first time throughout a single week, was uttered by individuals unrelated to one another.

Intrigued, I delved into understanding this captivating tool. A discovery workshop unfolded in Lausanne the following week, with just one spot available — a vacancy I promptly claimed.

An epiphany unfolded.

This experience was not merely academic but profoundly personal. Following a day of introducing my husband to this transformative tool, we both intimately grasped the Enneagram's potential to catalyze exponential growth within a relationship: "By unraveling the depths of my own being, I simultaneously gain insight into your essence. As we independently navigate this shared path, our connection deepens, and our love blossoms."

Today, I seamlessly integrate the Enneagram into my diverse coaching sessions, spanning the realms of personal development, entrepreneurship, and couples.

I wholeheartedly believe that the Enneagram stands as one of the most extraordinary tools bestowed upon us, facilitating a profound journey of self-discovery and offering unparalleled insights into how each individual perceives their own reality.

As I absorbed the wealth of insights the Enneagram could offer and unearthed my own personality type, an intense emotion enveloped me. It was as though I had finally located the unifying thread connecting the pivotal moments of my life, my reactions, my relationships, and the genuine forces propelling me forward.

Yearning to delve even deeper, I embarked on a comprehensive two-year program culminating in certification as an Enneagram-specialized coach.

My thesis delved into the Enneagram as an evolutionary tool for couples, illustrating how it fosters profound connections through a consciously heightened understanding of oneself and one's partner. To explore this, I collaborated with a couple, guiding them through the intricate journey of marriage preparation.

accompagnement ennéagramme

The initial session unfolds as a meaningful exchange grounded in factual and tangible elements, fostering a deeper understanding of oneself. Above all, it is a personal moment—a reflective bubble enabling you to center yourself and nurture your well-being.

I don't simply "assign" your Enneatype (profile). My role is that of a guide, steering you towards the enchanting moment of revelation when you discover and embrace your Enneatype, along with all its nuanced subtleties.

How can you discover your Ennéatype ?

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Enneagram for COUPLES

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Enneagram for INDIVIDUALS

Enhancing self-awareness within a team, developing goals, fostering a harmonious and constructive environment, assigning appropriate roles to each team member, and understanding your counterparts (colleagues, clients, relationships...) through the Enneagram: I offer dedicated support services for businesses of all sizes.

• 1 individual session with each partner (90 min.), online or in person, to unveil your personal profile (Enneatype), totaling 2 sessions.

• 1 joint session as a couple to analyze the impact of your profiles on your life and relationship.

• Ongoing follow-up and support between the sessions.

• Personalized synthesis and documentation to seamlessly integrate the understanding of your profiles and their interplay.

• A 90-minute session, either online or in person, to pinpoint your personal profile (Enneatype) and grasp its impact on your life.

• A follow-up session online after one month to delve deeper, exploring how to bridge the connection between your profile and your goals.

• Ongoing support and guidance between the two sessions.

• Personalized documentation to seamlessly integrate the understanding gained from this discovery into your daily life.




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