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When the pressing need to find meaning meets the need to offer it, stars align.

After years spent working in a field where image and profits were the only markers of success, I was increasingly losing myself. My core values and aspirations were being trampled and demanded to be given the space they deserved.

I found love as I was considering a big change in my life, and something just clicked. My husband and I chose to create our wedding ceremony ourselves to highlight the meaning behind our commitment. I channeled my love of words to put our feelings into words. Everything just felt into place.

This took me back to 1996 when I created a secular ceremony with my mum to pay tribute to my deceased father (my story here).

While I was planning my wedding in 2014, I also attended a higher course and chose to write my thesis on secular ceremonies. After I graduated, I had a single wish: exploring this world further. I started my business and very quickly realized I had found my calling.

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In 2016, I became the mum of my first child. An endless source of inspiration for me that turned my whole soul upside down and made me feel new things as touching as they were —and still are— powerful. I deeply questioned my vision of parenthood and everything this birth changed in our life. The idea to have a (secular naming ceremony) seemed only fitting. Ever since, I also endeavor to create and officiate these wonderful ceremonies.

Since 2020, I have been widening my approach to encompass a more comprehensive vision of couples and individuals coaching and support. Because I deeply understand what’s at stake in our world, insofar as our connections desperately need to be (re)built, preserved and glorified in the hope that we can move forward in a healthy and durable way —be it our romantic relationships, our relationship with ourselves or with others.

That is why I wish to use my expertise not only for the soon-to-be-married couple, but for every person who understands that creating a solid and lasting foundation around Love is paramount. With a shared vocation: to make this love stronger and shape it into a multidimensional vehicle for expansion.

What I Love

My Family

I would have never imagined myself as a wife and Mom. And then I met my now-husband who definitely changed my life!


I have been writing since the age of 12. I find something so special about making emotions with words.

Animals and Nature

I try to live a very eco-friendly life and fight agains animal cruelty every day. I've been vegetarian since 2007.

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I have traveled to over 30 countries, most of which have been solo backpacking trips in remote areas.


In my headphones: rock, electro, world music. My father (among the stars now) was a musician, which helped me develop my keen ear for music.

Timeless Design

Vintage furniture, clothes, antiques and old movies. In my free time, I like to browse flea markets to give a new life to old things.

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