Symbolic Ceremony


Symbolic Ceremony

An Invaluable Rite of Passage

A secular ceremony (also called a symbolic ceremony) is a unique and exceptional moment in life. It helps to mark a life milestone in time and space by bringing out the personal, cultural, spiritual or philosophical beliefs of those involved.

Ceremonies bring us closer together, touch us, transform us. They are an opportunity to reflect on a time in our life that we want to immortalize, strengthen, glorify.

Rites of passage have always been part of human life. Today, they take a different but no less essential form. More than ever, humanity needs to honor the joys in life much like the challenges, to come together as a group, to share and to bring meaning to our destiny.

Secular ceremonies have a sacred identity, even if they are not affiliated to any religion. And, best of all, they can be completely customized to embody the beauty of feelings and the freedom of expression of each and every one of us.

Secular does not necessarily mean atheist: every individual or couple has their own beliefs, steeped or not in religion. The doctrine that wins everyone’s approval during these celebrations is Love!

A secular ceremony is a chapter in life filled with emotions and meaning for every person involved. It gives purpose and meaning. It shows a deep commitment of the heart to celebrate the cycles in life. It adds soul and depth to this celebrated milestone and day, with strong words and symbols. Nothing cheesy, just poetry and sensitivity.

Secular Ceremony in Switzerland


We rediscover your life path. We build a space of trust and inspiration to create an artsy and authentic ceremony.

We build this ceremony around collaborative work and balance. A true co-creation through which you will be guided and advised. I do not take any decision for you, I help you steer with feelings.

On the big day, I will be your voice, to bring to life the preparation that drove us the past few months. I will be by your side much like I have been during the preparation, and I will walk with you towards this new chapter of your life.

I can also celebrate your symbolic ceremony in French, German, Spanish and Italian. I’ll happily learn the words of another language for this special moment in time.