Cérémonie laïque Lavaux

Symbolic Ceremony in Lavaux

Your celebration amidst the vineyards

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  • Pleasant Climate: The region enjoys a generally mild climate, especially during the summer months, providing the opportunity to organize an outdoor ceremony with favorable weather.

  • Variety of Unique Venues: The Lavaux offers a variety of unique venues for secular ceremonies, such as vineyards, terraces overlooking the lake, private gardens, or even spaces within small villages. The possibilities are diverse to cater to your preferences.

  • Wine Tastings: For wine enthusiasts, the Lavaux offers the opportunity to combine the ceremony with wine tastings. You can arrange tastings at the surrounding wineries, adding a flavorful experience to your celebration.

By choosing the Lavaux for your secular ceremony, you benefit from a unique combination of natural beauty, charming history, and romantic atmosphere, creating a memorable and meaningful celebration.

The Lavaux, located on the shores of Lake Geneva between Lausanne and Montreux, is a stunning wine region in Switzerland. Here are a few reasons to choose the Lavaux for a secular ceremony:

  • Picturesque Vineyards: The Lavaux is renowned for its terraced vineyards along the shores of Lake Geneva, offering spectacular panoramas. Organizing a secular ceremony amidst these vineyards provides a naturally picturesque and romantic setting.

  • Views of Lake Geneva: The breathtaking views of Lake Geneva from the hills of the Lavaux create an exceptional backdrop for a secular ceremony. The shimmering water, mountains in the background, and surrounding vineyards add a magical dimension to your event.

  • Intimate Atmosphere: The small villages of the Lavaux and the peaceful ambiance of the region create an intimate atmosphere ideal for a secular ceremony. This can be particularly appreciated by couples seeking a more personal celebration.

A Secluded symbolic ceremony in Lavaux

Discover the story of this radiant wedding ceremony in the Lavaux. A luminous celebration amidst the vineyards with a breathtaking view overlooking Lake Geneva.

Your secular celebration in the Lavaux

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Welcome to the Lavaux region, an enchanting wine-growing region that borders the sparkling shores of Lake Geneva. If you dream of a wedding celebration that combines natural beauty, historical charm, and an intimate atmosphere, the Lavaux and its surroundings offer the perfect setting for an unforgettable secular ceremony.

Imagine yourself surrounded by terraced vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see around the Lausanne region. The Lavaux, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a unique backdrop with its rolling hills and rows of vines, creating a naturally stunning backdrop for your secular ceremony.

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