Eloping in Lavaux offers a breathtaking and romantic experience amidst the stunning vineyard terraces overlooking Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Here, couples can exchange vows surrounded by the picturesque beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, creating unforgettable memories against the backdrop of rolling hills and serene waters.

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When Tatiana first reached out to me, her clarity and vision for their elopement in Switzerland were striking. Living in the USA, they sought a serene yet memorable experience in Lavaux in June.

Their request was simple yet deeply meaningful: a secular ceremony with their daughter as witness, set against a backdrop of breathtaking natural beauty. They desired an intimate affair, emphasizing the importance of family and cherishing every moment spent together. Their love for travel and exploration, coupled with a desire for a personal and romantic symbolic ceremony, resonated with my approach to crafting elegant yet simple weddings.

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Living in Lavaux for over a decade has given me a deep appreciation for this breathtaking region, which I proudly call home. Throughout the years, I've discovered hidden gems and secluded spots that offer unparalleled views of Lavaux's scenic beauty. As a local, I have insider knowledge of the best locations for a secluded ceremony, where couples can exchange vows surrounded by the stunning landscape of vineyards, Lake Geneva, and the majestic Alps. These spots provide the perfect backdrop for an intimate and unforgettable elopement experience, capturing the essence of romance and natural splendor that defines Lavaux.

After our initial Zoom conversation with Tatiana and Johann, envisioning their perfect rite of passage was effortless, as their enthusiasm and mine were palpable.

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“We share responsibilities and always try to help each other out”

Tatiana and Johann met online 7 years ago. Johann sent Tatiana a message that stood out from the rest. It was different because he didn't use standard compliments. "He was polite and straightforward, and I felt that he was genuinely interested in me, not in my "angelic eyes", says Tatiana.

Their messaging continued, leading to prolonged conversations where they spent much of their free time talking. During one conversation, Johann asked about Tatiana's birthday, and they were surprised to discover that they shared the same birthdate, February 14th. This serendipitous connection prompted them to arrange an in-person meeting.

During their early days together, Florida was experiencing hurricane season. Right after they met, a big storm began moving their way. Tatiana decided to go to Boston to stay safe from the hurricane and visit her friends. When she returned, Johann met her at the airport, drove her home, helped her bring her luggage upstairs, and offered to order dinner. He ended up staying for dinner and never left, marking a new beginning and a new chapter in their life together.

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"Marriage, to us, embodies the essence of partnership and unity. It's about mutual understanding, genuine care, and the shared commitment to building a life together. It's about creating a nurturing environment for our family and continually adapting to each other's needs. At the core of our marriage is the unwavering knowledge that, no matter the highs or lows we encounter, there's no one else we'd rather navigate life's journey with. It's about finding solace in each other's presence, coming home to a place of love and acceptance, and embracing the prospect of spending the rest of our lives together", said the couple.

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Tatiana and Johann made the heartfelt decision to craft a deeply meaningful ceremony, with Tatiana's daughter standing as their sole witness.

With emotion, they told me, "If we were to symbolize our relationship, it would be with the Infinity symbol. Just as the Infinity symbol has no beginning or end, our love knows no bounds and endures eternally."

And that's how we crafted this poignant representation during their symbolic ceremony: their daughter delicately traced the infinity symbol around their feet with a ribbon, symbolizing their union and emphasizing her pivotal role in their relationship.

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Symbolic ceremony in the vineyards of Lavaux

Eloping in Lavaux

A Lavaux elopement promises intimacy and tranquility, with couples often choosing secluded spots within the vineyards for their secular ceremony. Whether it's a sunrise exchange of vows overlooking the lake or a sunset celebration amidst the rows of vines, Lavaux provides a stunning natural setting for couples seeking a private and romantic wedding experience.

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After the ceremony, couples can explore the charming villages and winding pathways that meander through the vineyards, offering opportunities for romantic strolls and stunning photo opportunities at every turn. Additionally, many local wineries offer wine tastings and vineyard tours, allowing couples to indulge in the region's renowned wines and culinary delights.

This is precisely what I arranged for Tatiana and Johann: they savored the finest local wines accompanied by a delectable platter of regional delicacies.

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A Luminous Elopement in Lavaux

Eloping in Lavaux offers couples the chance to escape to a serene and picturesque destination, where they can celebrate their love surrounded by the natural beauty of Switzerland's stunning vineyard landscape (you can also look at this ceremony on Lake Geneva if you like this region) The symbolic ceremony of Tatiana and Johann was extremely touching. 

These were my special words to them: 

“The Infinity Symbol represents a line that never ends. It stands for balance, harmony, and the connectedness of all things.

In a world full of distractions and complications, the symbol of infinity represents a sense of simplicity and brings us back to the magic of the Universe.

Although often kept secret throughout history, the power of this symbol has been at our disposal for centuries and is now at our disposal in our daily lives.

Interwoven with these two signs of Infinity, it symbolizes two eternal commitments coming together.

Limitless, eternal and becoming as one, there is no better symbol to represent eternal love. And it’s not just about eternal love but also the infinite and limitless possibilities that love brings.

With infinity, we are reminded that there are no limits. There are infinite possibilities, but there are no limits to what we do or where we are.”

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Planning your own Lavaux elopement

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