Lovers and best friends: I don’t think there’s a better way to describe Natalia and Holden, who decided to elope in Zermatt last summer.

Look at their smiles. Look at their complicity. Feel the joy they naturally spread around them.

Preparing this post made me fly back to these cheerful and happy-go-lucky times. It made me smile and reminisce about the essence of that very special day. It also made me realize how important it is, more than ever now, to enjoy the moment and live the best of our life, always.


Couple dancing on the Swiss Mountains


This summer elopement in Zermatt will never leave my mind

Zermatt has that special something, as I already wrote in a previous post. I’m starting to become quite an expert in hosting wedding ceremonies there, having accompanied couples up there every season!

Going there with Natalia and Holden was such a wonderful adventure. Their chosen spot for the ceremony, a beautiful lake with the Matterhorn serving as a backdrop, couldn’t have been better.

When we met the night before, we were all worried about the weather forecast: rain, rain, and some more rain. But the following day blessed us with a contrasted cloudy day, a perfectly dramatic and oh so romantic atmosphere for outdoorsy people like Natalia and Holden. The cloud-covered Matterhorn added something unique to this mystical setting.

This summer elopement in Zermatt is definitely one of my best experiences so far. Everything felt so authentic, so wild and sweet at the same time. I feel deeply grateful to have shared so much fun and love with this amazing couple coming all the way from the US to celebrate their union in the Swiss mountains.



Start dreaming about your adventurous elopement in Switzerland

Combining a wedding, an exciting adventure and a healthy dose of craziness is absolutely possible if this is what you wish. Your wedding has to reflect who you are as a couple and what your commitment means. Entering your union with your best partner in crime and all your soul involved is the promise of a happy and successful marriage. And when we look at the pictures of Natalia and Holden, we can only agree. Those feelings were perfectly captured by their photographer, Tori from Adventure Instead.

Do you want to know more about the packages I offer to create such unforgettable moments? Drop me a message here and let’s dive into your dreams.



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