An elopement in Blausee promises a picturesque and intimate experience surrounded by the natural beauty of Switzerland. Blausee, known for its stunning turquoise-blue lake nestled amidst lush forests and majestic mountains, provides an enchanting backdrop for couples seeking a romantic and secluded ceremony.

Blausee in Switzerland

I will always remember Adam's excitement when he first reached out to me and shared his plans for renewing their vows during a symbolic ceremony, as a surprise for his wife Kathrin.

He was beyond happy when he proposed to her again on a rooftop - right before coming to Switzerland - to say ‘I do’ once more. She was blown away and immediately put on the wedding dress she wore 8 years ago, which still fit her like a glove.

Getting married is magical, but renewing vows is even more meaningful, especially after sharing so many beautiful moments and overcoming challenges together.

With their two children as witnesses, it became the most moving event they could experience with each other, as a couple and as a family.

elopement in Blausee, Switzerland

“Never Stop Chasing”

Adam and Kathrin met just after they both finished High School through a mutual friend of them. When they first met, they hung out and chatted all night and hit it off. Adam got Kats number and worked his charm for the next few weeks before they started dating. 

They quickly fell in love with each other. "Kat has such a fun, genuine and beautiful personality that really clicks well with mine . The night we got introduced to each other, she was wearing a Blue Dress and I couldn’t stop looking at her. She is gorgeous inside and out", said Adam.

They were 18 years old at the time. So what's the secret behind such a beautiful story after almost 15 years together?

Here's Adam's answer:

"Something my Grandma and Grandad always told me was to never stop chasing. When you first meet that perfect girl, you chase them for weeks, months until you finally start dating. Grandma and Grandad who have both passed away now (were together for 50+ years), they told me the secret was to always chase your partner everyday as if you were still trying to date them. Everyday I make sure I still chase Kat, to keep that fun, passion alive. In all honesty it is so easy to do because I genuinely want to keep chasing her. She is the girl of my dreams and I won’t lose that."

vow renewal in blausee, switzerland

"Marriage is a commitment to each other, the love we share and being able to share that energy with our family and our friends. Marriage is working everyday on our relationship first and foremost, because it is that Amazing relationship that Kat and I share together that has the most positive influence on our children", said Adam.

They were 22 years old when Adam proposed to Kat. After 4 years of being together, Kat had just graduated from University. Adam told her he wanted to take her away for the weekend to celebrate. They went sailing for the afternoon on a private yacht and went swimming at a secluded jump rock. Adam cooked Kat dinner with Jazz playing in the background, as the sun started to set and they just finished dinner, he made Kat a scrapbook filled with photos of them over the past 4 years. On the last page he had a question mark written down, as Kat went to look at him to ask what the question mark was, she saw him down on one knee. “Kat, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?”. Of course, she said yes 🙂

Married couple in Blausee, in Switzerland

Eloping in Blausee

Kat and Adam share a love for the outdoors and thrive on adventure; they're seldom found sitting idle at home. When Adam approached me about finding a unique location for their vow renewal ceremony, Blausee immediately came to mind – a true Swiss gem.

The intimate and secluded nature of Blausee provides couples with the perfect opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and focus solely on each other. 

Having a symbolic ceremony surrounded by orange trees and majestic snowy mountains at this time of year (fall) created a truly magical atmosphere.

Married couple after their elopement in Blausee

A Fall Elopement in Blausee

Kat and Adam exchanged their new vows amidst the serene beauty of nature, with the crystal-clear waters of the lake as their backdrop and their lovely kids watching them with tenderness.

After the ceremony, they could explore the enchanting surroundings of Blausee. With its natural beauty and tranquil ambiance, Blausee offers the ideal setting for a romantic and unforgettable elopement experience.

Afterwards, they discovered the beauty of Oeschinensee (Oeschinen Lake) which is very close.After their ceremony, they ventured to explore the enchanting beauty of Lake Oeschinen (Oeschinensee), situated in close proximity.

symbolic ceremony in Blausee, Switzerland

My words to them:

“Adam, everyday you make sure you still chase Kat, to keep that fun, passion alive. And as you wrote, in all honesty it is so easy to do because you genuinely want to keep chasing her. She is the girl of your dreams and you won’t lose that."

Together, you continuously fall in love again and again, day after day. You both know that choosing a life partner is not a one-time decision but an ongoing process, as I said before. Many times in the years since then, you have chosen each other again.

There have been many times, probably, when you could have chosen to go in a different direction. You did not. That is because; you’ve always been the one for each other. And most of all, it seems that it all just made you stronger as a couple. You have supported each other under all circumstances, no matter how difficult.”

blausee elopement in Switzerland

What the couple said

"Thank you again Marylin for a wonderful day. It was the best ceremony and location we could have asked fort. Everything was just right and you created the perfect vow reneal celebration for us. We also would like to thank you for being very responsive before and making things so easy, thanks to your dedicated support."

Secular ceremony in Blausee

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PHOTOGRAPHY - Gloria Velvet