Eloping in Mürren (Muerren), Switzerland offers a picturesque and intimate setting surrounded by the stunning Swiss Alps. Mürren is a charming car-free village perched on a cliff and overlooking the Lauterbrunnen valley, offering breathtaking views of the mountains and hills below.

Jane and Kris from Kentucky chose this iconic village for their symbolic wedding ceremony amidst the natural beauty of the Swiss landscape, with the majestic peaks as their backdrop.

When nature dresses its most beautiful autumn colors to offer a magical setting for an intimate, exclusive, moving, and joyful union, it is a promise of happiness.

Getting ready for an elopement in Mürren

“We are solid and unbreakable”

Jane and Kris met while working together at a roofing company. He did roofs and she did the marketing and media. They immediately shared a love of animals and travel. And very quickly fell in love with each other. 

"He makes me feel safe and comfortable. We can just be ourselves and sit at home together all day", shared Jane with me right from the start during our initial interactions.

"She has a capacity to love unconditionally and is a really good person", replied Kris. 

During our Zoom meetings, they told me that they wanted something amazing for their intimate union in Switzerland. They could already picture a romantic celebration with a breathtaking backdrop to witness the depth of their feelings.

"We are solid and unbreakable. We rarely ever fight. We are both focused on the future and creating the best lives for ourselves. We always have each others back", they said.

Kris proposed on Christmas morning with just him, his son and Jane. It was simple yet very touching.

"For me, marriage means we are in this together. He has my back. And doing life with my best friend", said Jane

"I want to spend the rest of my life with the woman I love. Sharing everything, the good and the bad", responded Kris.

Sparkling elopement in Mürren

Eloping in Mürren

The lovebirds decided to get married in a secluded spot in lovely Mürren. This enchanting village provided the perfect scene for their unforgettable elopement experience in Switzerland. 

It was a lovely day, and I will always cherish the vibrant colors of the trees against the backdrop of snowy mountains. It was like a painting come to life!

elopement in mürren, switzerland

A Sparkling Elopement in Mürren

The village of Mürren itself provides a romantic atmosphere, with traditional Swiss chalets, flower-filled meadows, and narrow cobblestone streets. It's a peaceful and serene location, perfect for couples seeking a private and meaningful symbolic ceremony.

Right after the ceremony, they popped the champagne and savored the flavor of this new chapter in their story.

“We definitely want to start a family and provide guidance as best as we can. We desire to both be successful in our careers. And to always push each other to be the best versions of ourselves”, the couple said.

I will forever remember the way they looked at each other throughout the entire celebration.

And these were my words to them:

“True love, which we hear so much about, is actually about the simple things you share; the gentle moments that mark the days and nights. Even a simple night at home can be a perfect moment of real love. Please savor these moments, and help each other remember them, for they will never come again. These are the times where every conversation flows so easily through the fun, the gentle, the intimate, the beautiful. It is for this reason that true love, built to last a lifetime, begins with great friendship.”

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What the couple said

"Marylin, Thank You so much for everything! It was the best wedding ceremony we could hope for, better than we could've ever imagined! You made is so special and we can't be grateful enough."

Thank you so much for your precious words, dear Jane and Kris.

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Planning your own Mürren elopement

Are you planning an intimate, special wedding ceremony or elopement in Switzerland or abroad?

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My name is Marylin Rebelo, and I’m multilingual celebrant and elopement planner based in Switzerland.

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