Secular naming ceremony

Secular Naming

Celebrating the Child & Life

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Above all, it's about embracing and sharing all that joy with the people you care about. Through this ceremony, you can articulate the parenting style you envision—one rooted in openness and spiritual freedom.

The arrival of a child is a profound event that adds a new dimension to the family, prompting you to view life differently and reflect on many aspects.

By celebrating it wholeheartedly, you'll accord this event its rightful place within your family.

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Secular Naming Ceremony

My Vision

In my vision of a secular naming ceremony, rituals and symbolic gestures are included to illustrate values and key messages. These rituals highlight the bonds between parents, the child, and godparents or other guests you wish to celebrate.

Readings, such as texts or poems, accompanied by music or singing, can enhance the atmosphere. Exchanging gifts is an option, and you may choose to sign a symbolic Godfather/Godmother certificate. Naturally, you'll want to share about your child—how you welcomed them into your world, their character, and interests. The impact a child has on a family is profound and deserves to be acknowledged!

Since everything is customizable, this ceremony reflects your desires, free from the constraints of conventional rules if that's your preference.

Similar to secular wedding ceremonies, the concept behind a secular naming ceremony is to create a completely customized celebration. While these ceremonies may lack legal significance, they hold immense sentimental and symbolic value.

A secular baptism can take place in the location of your choice, whether it be in Switzerland or elsewhere. Imagine hosting it in your own garden if the weather permits. You might opt to involve the godfather or godmother, allowing them to express their commitment to your child. As parents, you can share your thoughts on the responsibilities of this role, and other cherished guests may also speak. During this emotional moment, you'll have the opportunity to convey the values you wish to instill in your child. Consider discussing how the birth of your child has transformed you or delving into the origins of the family and its members, including grandparents and cousins.

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• You desire this occasion to be powerful, unforgettable, and entirely personalized.

• Through symbolic texts and gestures, your intention is to express what this birth signifies for you and how this child seamlessly integrates into your life.

• The presence of your family is important, along with cherished individuals like the godfather and godmother, and you want to articulate their roles and the reasons behind your choice.

There are numerous compelling reasons for hosting this exceptionally special celebration! I am committed to offering 100% personalized guidance and support. Together, we will craft a ceremony that mirrors your family, values, personality, desires, and cultural background.

To meticulously plan this ceremony with you, I will provide guidance from A to Z to narrate the most beautiful story of your child and family.

As a mother myself, I can empathize and offer insights. I will encourage you to articulate your wishes, and collaboratively, we will articulate your emotions in words.