What is a secular naming ceremony?

A secular naming ceremony, also known as a “Baby welcoming ceremony” or a “child dedication ceremony” is a non-religious celebration of the birth of your child.

This ceremony can take place when your child is a newborn or when your child is slightly older. The advantage of having your child be older is that they can partake in the festivities, which we know children love to do!

This celebration represents the joy and family bond that you have with your new child. Not only is it a chance to share this significant moment in your life with those you love most, but it allows you to express the meaning and purpose you choose to give this child in life.

A baby naming ceremony is also a wonderful way to welcome an adopted child into the family.


How we create
this unique moment

secular naming ceremony

Like secular wedding ceremonies, the idea is to create an entirely unique and personalized celebration. You may choose to have it in Switzerland or abroad and it is up to you to choose the venue and your guest list. This celebration has no legal or religious value, but is a special and sentimental moment for you and your loved ones to celebrate the birth of your child.

As parents, this is an important moment to instill important values in your child and share any sentimental thoughts, feelings and advice that you feel your child should know.

Some also find this moment an opportunity to assign guide parents (guardians) to their child.

Speeches can be read by family members or friends in the form of poems or texts, with music and/or by singing. Rituals (symbolic acts) may be included, which will help illustrate this important step.

It is also possible to include a gift exchange moment and the signature of a symbolic godfather and godmother certificate.

Is a naming ceremony right for us?

• Are you looking for a way to express what the birth of your child means to you through speeches, poems, and symbolic gestures?

• Would you like to assign guide parents (guardians) to your child, to show that they are loved and protected by not only their parents?

• Would you like to celebrate the birth of your child without any religious association?

If you are looking for a beautiful, unique and personalized celebration for the birth of your child, where you can bring together all your loved ones for this special moment then a baby welcoming ceremony is right for you!

Together, we will shape a celebration that encompasses your family values, traditions, emotions and your culture.

As I do for secular weddings, I can present a speech that initially celebrates the birth of the child. This can be followed by speeches from the parents or by other family and friends. I can also guide parents or others through the process of making their own strong speech, which would enable them to make the full celebration of the child themselves.

To prepare for the ceremony, I will ask you various questions to get to know and understand you, I will provide you with guidance and support for any speeches and we will follow my step by step method that ensures a wonderful outcome.

I am a mother myself, and I understand how important and beautiful the birth of a child is. So, having been through this myself, I am sure that we can put together a lovely celebration with beautifully unforgettable words.