Secular naming ceremony


Unique Secular Naming

Celebrating the Child

A secular naming, also known as a secular baptism or welcoming ceremony, is a symbolic ceremony to celebrate the birth or the welcoming of a child.

It can also be carried out when the child is a little older, to celebrate his or her first years and highlight the importance of the years to come. The benefit of having a toddler is that he or she will be able to take part in the ceremony. And we know how much kids love to celebrate!

A secular baptism may also serve as an opportunity to welcome an adopted child into your family and to celebrate this new bond.

First and foremost, it’s about letting all that joy in and sharing it with people you care about. Through this ceremony, you can share the parenting style you envision, one that is based on openness and spiritual freedom.

The arrival of a child is a meaningful event that brings a new dimension to the family and makes you look at your life differently and ponder a lot of things.

By celebrating it fully, you’ll give this event its rightful place within your family.

Secular Naming Ceremony

My vision

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As with secular wedding ceremonies, the idea is to create a completely customized celebration. These ceremonies have no legal value, but a great sentimental and symbolic value.

A secular baptism can be held in the location of your choice (in Switzerland or somewhere else). Why not have it in your own garden if the weather allows it? You may want to include the godfather or godmother who will talk about their commitment towards your child. As parents, you’ll be able to share what this role entails. Other beloved guests may speak too. During this emotional moment, you’ll get a chance to explain what you want to impart to your child.

You may want to speak about how the birth of your child transformed you. Why not talk about the origins of the family and its members (grandparents, cousins, etc.)?

Rituals (symbolic gestures) can be included to illustrate values and key messages. As well as bonds between parents, child and godfathers-godmothers or other guests that you want to celebrate.

You may want to have readings, such as texts or poems, with music or singing in the background.

Gifts can be exchanged. You may wish to sign a symbolic Godfather/Godmother certificate. And, of course: you’ll want to talk about your child, how you welcomed him/her into your world, his/her character, his/her interests. There’s much to be said about the impact a child has on a family! Since everything is customizable, this ceremony will reflect your wishes and not bow down to conventional rules if these are your thing.

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A Secular Naming Ceremony

Is it for you?

• You want this event to be powerful, unforgettable and completely customized.

• Through symbolic texts and gestures, you want to convey what this birth means to you and how this child fits into your life.

You want your family to be there, as well as loved ones like the godfather and godmother and explain their role and why you’ve chosen them.

There are so many great reasons to have this very special celebration!
I will provide 100% customized coaching and support. Together, we will design a ceremony that reflects your family, your values, your personality, your desires, your culture.

To plan this ceremony with you, I will guide you from A to Z so that we may tell the most beautiful story of your child and family.

Being a mother myself, I’ll be able to understand and advise you. I will get you to reveal your wishes. Together, we will put your feelings into words.