Thuy & Yves

- Cherish The Moment -

Why we chose you

For your authenticity, commitment and attention to detail in creating a magical ceremony that we will always remember.


The preps

Working with you was amazing and we couldn't have been happier with the excellent service you've delivered. During the weeks leading up to the wedding, the quality of your guidance and follow up was first class and deeply appreciated. You were very patient with us and gave us the necessary guidance to express our feelings. You also have an extraordinary capacity to put emotions and values into words in a way that creates a beautiful narrative on the wedding day, for both us as well as for our guests who were left captivated.

The marriage preparation process was very easy for us and we delighted in every moment spent preparing for the big day when we exchanged our vows. We relied on your expertise to choose the perfect setting for our ceremony and were pleased with the ceremony proceedings and the music selection. Writing our vows was the most rewarding part of the preparation.

You did an excellent job of tailoring our ceremony to fit our personalities and how we wanted the proceedings to happen with both the wedding and baby welcoming ceremonies. It was a highly rewarding and personal journey we took together which showed your enthusiasm and passion for your work. You listened to everything we said and had our best interests in mind and adapted to our individual tastes and preferences. Pace and content was perfect throughout the prep work, which was reflected in the final product.


Our ceremony

A very big thank you and sincere gratitude to you for crafting and delivering such a beautiful wedding and baby naming celebration for us. We had a small and intimate ceremony, and you told our love story with such beautiful words which made us cry on the day.

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding day, or a greater celebrant in you! You performed brilliantly. You were well prepared with your equipment, well presented and reliable on the wedding day, and we are very grateful for your quality time and bespoke service. We received only excellent reviews from our guests including a few referrals to our family and friends.

Everything was perfect and we wouldn't want to change a thing! We were deeply touched by your words and the manner in which you carried out the ceremony.


Impact of this marriage preparation

We came away from the ceremony feeling elevated and overjoyed in our love.
We discovered ourselves again and our love for each other and the importance of our values.
Your speech was very moving and allowed us to explore the love we have for each other.


What our collaboration has brought us most

Assistance in preparing for the ceremony including writing our vows, which was very difficult to do but an important task at hand. You guided us through the process beautifully.


Who we recommend your guidance to

We would recommend to our friends and family wanting to celebrate a major milestone in life such as marriage or birth.


Baby Naming Ceremony in Lavaux