maria & grant

- Our Synchronicity -

Why we chose you

You were referred by Le Mirador and you followed up with our inquiry quickly.

The videos on your page were great and helped us to understand you better.

The preps

Each step was perfect for us, you truly made us feel comfortable, confident and relaxed.

The pace was steady, content and interactions during the preparation were well thought out and explained. No details left undone.

Our ceremony

It was magical and we were happy our family and friends were included as part of our ceremony.

The script was WOW! Beautifully written. You captured our love story perfectly.

Impact of this marriage preparation

We shared even more openness and communication with each other to plan our ceremony and special day together!

What our collaboration has brought us most

We love the book and the vow booklets idea, we are so happy we chose this option. They are exquisite!

We also enjoyed meeting with you the day before to brief us and go over any last-minute details.

We were so grateful to know you and again… many thanks for making our morning so special!  

Who we recommend your guidance to

Marylin, you can perform ceremonies for any age, however, you seem to have a knack for 2nd time around marriages. Keep being your creative self!


maria, grant and Marylin Rebelo

Photo credit: Alain Grivel