Jessica & Cory

- My Best Partner in Crime -

Why we chose you

You were recommended to us by Laura Dova (wedding planner) and after our first Skype session, we were already looking forward to our ceremony with you!


The preps

We travelled from Australia with some of our closest friends to marry at beautiful Blausee in Switzerland.

Coordinating such an event was far more complicated than either of us had anticipated however your involvement was one part of the process that was delightfully uncomplicated – You were accommodating, kind, thoughtful, did everything we asked of you and gave us ample opportunity to make sure the Ceremony was everything we wanted it to be. Your English was wonderful and we found her accent lovely – it really added something unique.


Our ceremony

Our ceremony was nothing less than exceptional, thanks to your involvement and ideas. You brought our dreams to life and we cannot find the right words to express our gratitude.

You were even kind enough to suggest and arrange the materials for a sweet part of the ceremony so we would have a momento to take home with us, which we appreciated a lot.


What our collaboration has brought us most

You were patient and able to answer all of the questions we had, in particular ones pertaining to how the marriage process worked in a different country to our own.

We did not have the opportunity to meet in person prior to the ceremony, speaking only via Skype call, however this was all you needed and you happily accommodated all of our requests, even some of the quirkier ones.


Who we recommend your guidance to

We would highly recommend you to other couples, especially those looking to have a ceremony in English – Thank you Marylin for being a part of our big adventure!


Wedding in Blausee Switzerland

Photo credit: Stefan Hellberg