Lisa & Batiekoro

- The Value Of Our Bonds -

Why we chose you

There were various things that stood out for us about you and your approach:
- your talent with words and crafting beautiful phrases was evident on your website
- being able to conduct the ceremony in English and in French
- your warmth and being very easy for us to talk to


The preps

We really liked the way you guided us through all aspects of the preparation, including the story of how we met, our day-to-day lives, who we are as individuals and how we see each other. It was very helpful to do this kind of foundational work up-front.

The pace was also ideal for us - it was enough that we could keep the momentum but never overwhelming.

Many aspects of the preparation process helped us to reflect on our relationship. Writing our vows was particularly significant for us.


Our ceremony

Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful ceremony which exceeded our expectations. It was very moving for us and also our guests. You really captured our essence and it was so wonderful for us, we didn’t want it to end. And these past few days we keep smiling when we think back on it.

It was serene and yet we also felt so many other emotions at the same time, especially love and excitement. It was also very uplifting to be surrounded by family members and friends, as well as to be able to include some of them in the ceremony (and not obliging them to help with too big a task).

We really enjoyed the feeling of being in our own bubble, facing each other and talking to each other throughout the ceremony.

We loved the speech, it summarised ourselves and our relationship perfectly. Also that it was a surprise for us to discover together on the day. It meant a lot to us that you were able to communicate it to us and our guests in both French and English so everyone was included.

Our guests told us that they also absolutely loved the ceremony and felt very moved by it too. Many of our bilingual friends commented that they really appreciated how the thread alternated from one language to the other without repetition.


Impact of this marriage preparation

Although we always communicated with each other well, we think it has helped us articulate our love for each other much more. We are also very grateful that we were able to have that day and the wonderful memories that we can reminisce on together.


What our collaboration has brought us most

We really appreciated having your expertise throughout the process. Although we didn’t have any set ideas when we first started it meant a lot to both of us that you gave us the opportunity to consider what was important to us and reflect this in the ceremony.

You gave us so much excellent advice, ranging from practical considerations and information for how it would be on the day, through to how to approach the day from an emotional perspective - everything was clear to us and it made it much more comfortable for us when we found we had arrived on the big day


Who we recommend your guidance to

We would happily recommend your services to any other couples who would like to have a secular celebration of their love.

As you were able to readily tailor our ceremony to represent who we are and aspects of our heritage we are sure many others could have their unique celebrations brought to life by you.


Wedding in Crans-Montana

Photo credit: Jeremy Fiori