Brooke & Brad

- A New World With You -

Why we chose you

Before contacting you, we thought our words would be special enough and didn’t really know how much having a celebrant would make things any more special. So at first we were hesitant to hire one and not just have a friend marry us. But I read all the reviews about you and it showed me how important your job really is!


The preps

You took the time to get to know us and make it all about us mentioning things we really did want to have mentioned on our big day!

We enjoyed filling out the questionnaires and thinking about our couple, our relationship and what would make our commitment ceremony special to us.


Our ceremony

Marylin, you were seriously amazing! You went above and beyond with making the ceremony special for us! We were both totally shocked how much more intimate it was having you. You gave us goosebumps with some of your words!


What our collaboration has brought us most

Having you made our elopement 10x’s more special than I could have ever imagined. You summed up how we feel about each other perfectly.

We all talked about how amazing you were the whole train ride down from the Matterhorn. I couldn’t be more thankful to of had you there for us.

You will forever be in our hearts having made our big day as special as you did. We loved every moment!!!

Thank you so much for everything.

winter elopement zermatt matterhorn

Photo credit: Brandy Nichols