kayla & Amanda

- Meant To Be -

Why we chose you

We connected with you instantly and loved the work that we saw on your website.

You were kind, caring and the love for what you do shows through your work!!

The preps

From the very first email, to our first meeting, to the second meeting and finally, the ceremony, we were blown away with the amount of guidance we received but also with the quality of that guidance. When someone loves what they do, it shows and it sure showed through your work.

We enjoyed that there were two meetings, one to meet the person who was going to marry us and the second meeting because we were able to see our visions coming to life. For us, writing our own vows and working with you through that process was very emotional.

We were given thorough information without it being overwhelming and it helped that we knew you were there if we had any questions. It was always pleasant working with you and we looked forward to both meetings!!

Our ceremony

Words cannot describe what we felt during our ceremony in Wengen but I will do my best to put it into words. Never did we think anyone, let alone someone we had just met, could capture our love and love story in such a beautiful and meaningful way. Yet, you did just that and it was as if you had known us for years and witnessed our love firsthand. You said everything we could have wished for in the most elegant way and we are forever grateful for how you made us feel that day.

We thought that the words you chose could not have been more spot on. It was emotional, beautiful and you could tell the effort that was put into writing them. It was crazy to think we had only had two meetings because you captured every part of our love exactly as we would have wanted it. It was like you knew us for a long time and that can be challenging to convey but you did it PERFECTLY!

Impact of this marriage preparation

It was both beautiful and eye opening to have to dive deep into our relationship while prepping for the ceremony.

We both realized how far we had come both individually, and as a couple, as we went back to the beginning and throughout the years. It was something we could do together so it made answering all of the questions fun. It somehow brought us even closer together.

What our collaboration has brought us most

The effort that was put in by you was something we had never seen before… You can tell you really enjoy what you do.

We really appreciated that everything was coordinated for us. After the prep meetings and answering questions, we basically had to just show up and watch it all unfold.

You worked with the videographer and that was helpful to not have to stress about all of that.

You handled it from start to finish in Wengen and we couldn’t be more appreciative. You were perfect!

Who we recommend your guidance to

We would recommend anyone in love to use your services! Never have we felt so comfortable with someone and you truly love what you do! Anyone that is in love could benefit from your expertise.

I have been to a TON of weddings and I have never witnessed a marriage ceremony that was so beautiful and reflective of a couple.

Same Sex wedding in Wengen, Switzerland