Jenny & Thomas

- As Long As You Hold My Hand -

Why we chose you

Your multicultural experience, high sense of love and what is transcendent in life, your personal approach.


The preps

You've been sensitive to the needs we had as a couple, beyond time-taking, acknowledging our moment.

We loved your personal approach, how you were conscious of our wishes and open to our wishes for the ceremony.

An authentic and sincere delivery that touched us and all the attendees on that day.


Our ceremony

Our ceremony was fantastic! A truly emotional, memorable moment that was shared and experienced by all attendees.

The words were well chosen, we felt a strong connection with the speech at this moment. It reflected our couple, it was really moving to play back our story.

Thank you for making our day so special and touching the hearts of our guests with your words and your emotion for what soulmates can do when they find each other after a few spins in life and decide to walk together hand in hand.


Impact of this marriage preparation

It made us focus back to the essence of why we decided to get married whist trying to deliver on the wedding it self.
Going back to the purpose was good!


What our collaboration has brought us most

Alignment and synchrony of what key messages and emotions we wanted to convey and share with our loved ones.

Openness to dialogue when in need to.

Target specific questions and additional support provided confidence and trust to show our authentic self and get ready for the big day!


A strong connection between Jenny, Thomas and myself

Photo credit: Julie Picq