Zuzanna & Philippe

- The Power of Us -

Why we chose you

It wasn't through a recommendation, but we instantly had a very good feeling when we came across your website.

After reading a little bit more about you and your story, we were sure 🙂


The preps

For us, the most emotional part was definitely the preparation of the vows. It was such a nice process from the first brainstorming to putting it to words, with your help of course 🙂 Even practicing the vows at home was very emotional! But the practice helped us a lot during the ceremony.

The interaction with you was always very good, which is definitely not a given when almost all our session were remote via Zoom! Also the pace and the frequency worked very well for us. But to be able to conduct one session in person was also extremely important and beneficial for us.

What we really appreciated with you is that you were always very well prepared. The sessions were spontaneous, yet very well structured.


Our ceremony

The ceremony exceeded our expectations. We can only repeat ourselves here.

It was such a pleasure - and retrospectively the best decision ever - not to know the script before the wedding. It was such a joy to relive our story with the help of your beautiful and carefully chosen words. It was also a wonderful experience to hear our story for the first time together with our guests. Many of our guests found themselves as parts of our common journey. That was an extremely nice and memorable experience.

The words were beautiful and very carefully chosen. You really have shown a sure instinct. You knew when to go into detail and when to stay a little bit more vague and leave some room for interpretation. We felt that you truly understood what was important to us. And some parts were so romantic!

We only received very positive feedback from our guests. In particular, it was so nice that some of them remembered parts of our story and realized that they were part of it! Also, the little "older" generation has given consistently positive feedback 🙂


Impact of this marriage preparation

One very positive impact of the marriage preparation was that we had the feeling we were able to enjoy the big day even more. We were able to "live the moment" and we are sure the reason is that you prepared us extremely well. In particular also together with the Enneagram-Sessions, we feel that we also learned to understand each other a little bit better 🙂


What our collaboration has brought us most

You helped us tremendously with putting our thoughts into words for our vows. It was impressive to see, how much experience you have when it comes to expressing deep feelings.

We want to thank you once more from the bottom of our hearts for your great support and guidance during this romantic and exciting journey.


Who we recommend your guidance to

We are sure that we benefitted a lot form your expertise! What we think might be important to understand/realize is that this is a very personal experience and journey together.

If a couple is not ready to open up to you on a personal level, it might be difficult to create the optimal experience.


Wonderful wedding ceremony in Zurich

Photo credit: Veronika Bendik