carla & henri

- Greatness Of The Heart -

Why we chose you

You were highly recommended on open sources for anybody that was looking to have a bi-lingual ceremony which of course was exactly what we were looking for.

Also, other couples on Google had expressed their opinion in a positive light.


The preps

We felt that you were extremely pro-active and asked a lot of relevant questions pertaining to our day. As I mentioned in my vows the run up to the marriage was an amazing journey for the both of us, especially the last six months and you were certainly a big part of that. 

Your follow up regarding the text for the ceremony was very impressive and we felt that we had enough time to reply to the questions as the delay given was always fine. We felt that we had complete confidence in you all along the way which was very reassuring in a time that could get pretty stressful.

Our ceremony

We felt that the ceremony was genuine, heartfelt and you could really feel the love all around. The fact that it was bi-lingual made a huge difference to everybody as they said they felt included. One guest said that all the other weddings that he had been at, the ceremony was in the principle language and 'tant pis' for those who did not understand. The ceremony for us was a far too important moment in the day to do that !!

Your effort, concentration, organization and delivery of the beautiful, personalized, loving words shone through from the first minute to the last. Our relationship was described in a genuine, funny and respectful way - a HUGE thank you Marylin, you did a fabulous job !!

The guests (and ourselves) found that you do your job with your heart and this shone through and I know that you genuinely wanted everything to go as well as possible and that you make that special day very special. Everyone that we talked to was very touched by the ceremony, so much more personal than a church ceremony.

Impact of this marriage preparation

I suppose as the years pass, you don't really think deeply of all the feelings that you have for the person by your side that you love so much. The journey with yourself made each of us to think seriously of how we felt about us each other as individuals and as a couple. Those questionnaires and answers will be treasured possessions and will be part of us, always. The flame of love is always there and your accompaniment just made it glow even brighter.

We think that the ceremony and everything that was included and symbolised will always be with us as a landmark when perhaps difficult moments arise and to remind ourselves of all that we mean to each other.

So the ceremony will live on, live, for the both of us and you just cannot put a price on that !

What our collaboration has brought us most

The fact that we were together (and apart) for so many hours thinking about how we really feel about each other and expressing all those emotions in words (thanks to all your questions) was, for us, very, very personal and we both felt so elated doing so

Who we recommend your guidance to

Well, at our tender age if we do know of any couples that wish to get married we would not hesitate to give then your name.