Secular Ceremony Location Ideas


wedding ceremony location

One of the great things about secular ceremonies is that they have no rules, no obligations, and they aren’t regulated by any laws. Therefore, a secular ceremony can take place anywhere. This is a great opportunity to choose a place that you love, a place that will reflect the beautiful relationship that you and your loved one share, and most importantly, a place that you will forever remember as yours.

If your dream is to get married outdoors, then why not make that happen? Why not give yourself the ceremony you’ve always wished for? We all know it can be stressful to plan an outdoor ceremony as it could potentially rain on the day, but don’t worry there is always a plan B – so don’t let the thought of rain discourage you.

Whether you wish to have your ceremony on a mountaintop in winter, in a forest, inside one of the oldest Chateau’s, on a boat or on a beach, the options are endless. Below are some ideas of beautiful locations – so let the inspiration commence:


Secular Ceremony Location Ideas - At the Edge of a Lake

Secular Ceremony Location Ideas - In the Forest

Secular Ceremony Location Ideas - At a Winery

Secular Ceremony Location Ideas - In the Mountains

Secular Ceremony Location Ideas - On the Beach

Secular Ceremony Location Ideas - In the Countryside




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