Finding out your partner’s ring size can be one of the more stressful tasks associated with the proposal process. Even if you’ve bought jewellery for them in the past, chances are it hasn’t been for their ring finger, so you will likely be completely in the dark when it comes to sizing.

Whilst you can just take a wild guess and hope for the best, this probably isn’t the wisest approach – especially considering you’re preparing for one of the most romantic and sentimental moments of your life. Before you start your search for your perfect engagement ring, brush up on our top tips to find the perfect size, so the big moment can go off without a hitch.


Go shopping together

There really is no better way of ensuring your chosen ring will fit your partner’s finger perfectly than by taking them along with you to the jeweller’s. Granted, as soon as you do this, the cat is pretty much out the bag with your intentions. But did you know that the majority of engagement rings are bought with some involvement from the recipient? Just 35.1% of rings are bought as a surprise to the partner, so don’t feel pressured to go it alone!

Just because you take your partner ring shopping it doesn’t necessarily mean the romance of the proposal is ruined. Keep them in the dark about everything from the location to the delivery. This means that you can plan the perfect proposal safe in the knowledge that you know when they say yes, the ring will be just right.


How to choose the perfect engagement ring size


If in doubt, go one size up

As a general rule of thumb, if there is any doubt over the correct size (i.e. you’re stuck between two sizes), always opt for the larger size. The prime reason for this is because should your ring need to be resized at any point, it is far less complicated to make a ring smaller than it is to make it bigger, and the latter is often more expensive, too.

You may be wary about the ring slipping off if it’s too loose. But whilst the ring shouldn’t be loose enough to turn on its own, it should be able to slide over the finger with ease. It’s also worth noting that fingers can swell throughout the day as well as in warm temperatures, so opt for the slightly larger size to give yourself a little more wiggle room.


Top tips for choosing an engagement ring size

Do it yourself

There are lots of tools available to measure your ring size from home. You will probably be familiar with the string or ribbon methods, but these never provide the most accurate results. Instead, you can request a free finger sizer to be sent to your home from many online retailers, without having to commit to a purchase.

This will be far more accurate than any other homemade methods, but it is still worth measuring a few times to ensure the results are as precise as possible. This information will be particularly useful if you’re shopping online, as you can ensure you are getting the correct measurements when you order, saving you the hassle of having to resize.


choosing the right engagement ring size