Micro weddings usually only have up to 30 guests, but despite the smaller numbers, costs can mount just as quickly as with planning a standard wedding. Weddings are big business, and with so many beautifully enticing extras available in stores and online, you will still need to hold yourself accountable to a solid budget when planning your dream micro wedding to avoid overspending.

From deciding what’s most important to you, to savvy money saving tips on reducing your venue costs, let’s take a look at how you should set a budget for your micro wedding in Switzerland or abroad.


how to budget for a micro wedding?


Before you buy a single wedding related item, you need to first sit down with your partner and decide what matters the most to you both with regards to your wedding day. Do you want to splurge on the wedding dress of your childhood fantasies? Would you prioritise great quality food over stunning wedding stationary? Do you want to offer your guests a three course meal, or would you prefer a low-key buffet?

Making these decisions early on in your planning process will make it far easier to resist buying unnecessary items and enable you to splash out on the things that will make your day perfect, and affordable, for you both.


Agree on a spending limit

With the average UK wedding costing around £18,000, it’s vital that you take an honest look at your finances and agree upon a maximum spending limit that is reasonable for your personal circumstances. This should include all purchases, including your rings, venue, catering, stationary, outfits and styling, plus anything else you want to incorporate into your big day.

Remember that you certainly don’t have to include every element of a traditional wedding to make your day special. Micro weddings are usually a more intimate and personal event, so choosing only the elements that truly resonate with you will help you save money.


Choose sustainability

Favours, stationary and much of the food are often wasted at the end of a wedding and a great amount of it usually ends up in the bin. Considering creative alternatives such as making your own name cards, upcycling items for decorations and using wildflowers or fauna from your garden is a great way to have a more sustainable wedding day whilst also reducing your expenditure.

Many couples also spend thousands on wedding attire, only for it to be stored in the attic or hidden at the back of their wardrobes forever more. But with beautiful wedding outfits available to hire, or opting for a beautiful dress you could wear again to other formal events, you’ll save yourself a lot of money.

Consider your venue

Many large wedding venues operate with fixed packages and minimum numbers of around 80 guests for the day and 100 for the evening. Clearly, this makes many traditional venues out of budget and unnecessary for your micro weddings. But there are plenty of equally incredible places to host your day, from rooftop terraces to converted barns, or even a close friend or family’s large garden or small cottage on the coast.

With a micro wedding, you’re actually opening the possibilities to a whole host of unusual and beautiful locations that wouldn’t be able to accommodate larger weddings. Many places of natural beauty have the advantage of not needing any decoration either, which can go a long way to helping you stay within your budget.


Keep it simple

Taking a minimalist approach to planning your micro wedding is likely to help you reduce your stress and to enjoy the process more than worrying about hundreds of different elements you don’t necessarily need. Once you choose which areas you want to allocate your budget too, focus on making the day personal and keep it simple to ensure you have the perfect micro wedding without breaking the bank.


budget for a micro wedding