An elopement at Bachalpsee, Switzerland, offers couples a truly magical and serene setting for their special day. Bachalpsee, also known as Bachsee, is a stunning alpine lake nestled high in the Swiss Alps near the village of Grindelwald, close to the famous Lauterbrunnen area.

Jena and Nick from U.S.A. who chose Bachalpsee for their elopement were treated to breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, including the iconic Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau peaks.

It was an adventurous elopement indeed! The journey to Bachalpsee was filled with excitement and anticipation, and what we experienced there was truly unforgettable.


“We're so lucky to have found each other ”

Jena and Nick met on a Halloween trolley in Chicago through mutual friends. "Our friends rented a trolley for a few hours and we all dressed up in costumes and rode through the city, stopping at a few bars along the way", explained the couple.

They began dating and quickly realized that love had found them.

"Nick opened my eyes to so many new experiences and adventures when we first started dating. He was unlike anyone I'd ever met before, and after a few months of dating, I increasingly adored everything about him. It was so, so easy being around him. He made me feel safe, comfortable, excited, and happy", told Jena during our first online meeting.

"I initially fell in love with Jena's warmth, sharp intellect, and incredible sense of humor. I knew I wanted to marry her early in our relationship when I realized how she how much of a better version of myself I had become when I was with her", explained Nick.

Elopement in Bacahalpsee, Grindelwald bride before her elopement in bachalpsee Elopement stationery

Jena and Nick love going for walks and hikes together. They also enjoy exploring new things together - whether that's a new restaurant that opened around the corner or travelling to Switzerland! They also both enjoy planning 'date nights', where they each plan a night for them to do something together.

"We're so lucky to have found each other and created this strong bond, friendship, and relationship. We've grown together during these past 9 years - both as people and in our relationship. Our relationship is like a garden. It's full of beauty, peaceful, and continues to grow", both of them said.

Elopement in Grindelwald, switzerland

Nick proposed to Jena in a very sweet manner. He took her on a surprise getaway to a local, historic town a few hours away for the weekend. He did it on Saturday evening after they came back from dinner. They had a nightcap on the hotel porch and then came into the room. Nick drew them a bath and proposed.

"Marriage amplifies what we've built - it's the final icing on the cake for us. It helps solidify our commitment to each other, it's a meaningful and important step in our relationship", expressed the couple.

Mountain elopement in Grindelwald Mountain elopement in Bachalpsee

Eloping in Bachalpsee

Jena and Nick decided to get married in front of the Bachalp lake. To reach Bachalpsee, we started in Grindelwald and embarked on a scenic hike through alpine meadows and forests, immersing ourselves in the natural beauty of the Swiss countryside. Along the way, we encountered grazing cows, colorful wildflowers, and even spotted some local wildlife. 

Having a symbolic ceremony there with no one around - except a few cows - was truly something special.

Adventurous elopement in bachalpsee

bachalpsee elopement switzerland symbolic wedding ceremony in Grindelwald

symbolic ceremony bachalpsee 

elopement ceremony in bachalpsee, grindelwald

elopement ceremony bachalpsee, grindelwald, switzerland

rings exchange in bachalpsee exchange of vows in Bachalpsee

A Mountain Elopement in Bachalpsee, Grindelwald

Once at Bachalpsee, we found this secluded spot along the lakeshore to hold the ceremony. We were surrounded by awe-inspiring beauty and tranquility. 

Right after their symbolic ceremony, Jena and Nick enjoyed a picnic with a view and popped champagne to celebrate their happily ever after.

couple popping champagne in Bachalpsee after their wedding ceremony picnic after elopement in bachalpsee

I hope they will remember my words to them:

“For the future, please continuously make each other’s eyes and hearts smile as you exactly know how to do that.

Live each day in love, and always be there for one another so every place feels like home, in good and bad times.

Always honor your sensitivity, it’s a strength.

Always appreciate the true value of the little things, it’s a gift.

Always think about adding new restaurants to your gallery wall, it’s so You.

Always believe in the magic of the garden you continuously cultivate with so much love. Your Blooming Garden.”

What the couple said

"Marylin was an absolute dream to work with. Her thoughtfulness and professionalism are unmatched. She did such an amazing job and took the time to understand us and who we are as a couple, which clearly showed in the ceremony which was beyond our expectations. Her script and delivery were heartfelt and beautifully worded. Thank you so much dear Marylin. Highly recommend!"

mountain wedding in Switzerland

Planning your own Bachalpsee elopement

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My name is Marylin Rebelo, and I’m multilingual celebrant and elopement planner based in Switzerland.

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