Private Mentorship

You are a female leader with an ambitious heart, who would not only like to develop but above all, to embrace her personal and entrepreneurial power?

Are you in a life transition and wish to rediscover your innate passion to unfold your full potential?

As an entrepreneur-artist since 2014, certified Enneagram coach (see below), and mentor, I offer these skills to individuals eager to take a new step—perhaps even the most intense—of their lives.

Business Mentorship

Individual Mentorship

Successful entrepreneurship is above all a matter of the heart. It is an intense journey of personal development, one that should never require compromising one's values. Growing your business can be powerful and gentle at the same time. It is a continuous quest for meaning, where alignment with your soul always takes precedence. I show you the way.

In every woman, there is a strength waiting to be expressed. However, under the weight of conditioning, it is often oppressed and, unfortunately, forgotten.

I guide you in reclaiming your full potential to see your light shine in all areas of your life.

Yes, it is possible to have it ALL.