Accompagnement individuel

Bring forth your essence

Individual Mentorship

I believe that one of the greatest challenges of our current society and world is to know oneself. Or rather, to return to who one is at a profound level.

I am certain that each individual possesses everything within to succeed and lead a life with serenity and fulfillment, provided they rediscover this deep connection to oneself.

As we evolve and are educated, we lose this connection, to varying degrees. We find ourselves increasingly framed by society, shaped and subjected to numerous rules and principles. We often forget what was at the core of our ideal essence because... we are all different and perfect in our own way!

I guide you through this return to your soul. This emotion that we will experience together is the key to a treasure that holds the most precious thing: your Love for yourself.

I also offer guidance at the business and entrepreneurial levels.

• Identify and overcome self-love blocks to evolve towards a space of confidence and grounding.

• Find alignment with one's consciousness in harmony with oneself and the Universe.

• Unleash one's powers and gifts to apply them to the current world.

• Develop self-confidence and unleash one's full Creative power.

• Cleanse one's relationship with money to welcome fluidity and abundance.

• Perfect organization, save time, and free oneself from procrastination.

Here are a few of the realms I guide you through, within which you'll gracefully unfold

(min. 6 months)


1:1 Session

• Preparatory questionnaire

• 1 themed online session

• Customized report

• Monthly themed online sessions

• Ongoing exchanges and support via my private messaging

• Sharing of my inspirations and intuitive advice

• A 90-minute session, either online or in person, to pinpoint your personal profile (Enneatype) with the Enneagram and grasp its impact on your life.

• A follow-up session online after one month to delve deeper, exploring how to bridge the connection between your profile and your goals.

• Ongoing support and guidance between the two sessions.

• Personalized documentation to seamlessly integrate the understanding gained from this discovery into your daily life.





Nothing is more constant than


"The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new."