A premarital guidance with an endless value

The distinctive feature of the guidance I offer is not only that you are fully prepared for your marriage, but also that you can preserve all these moments with care, for them to be the foundations for a union based on a sense of serenity, where the happiness of having shared these tender moments of togetherness carries on developing.

If you read through some of the testimonies that I have received, you will notice that, beyond creating and celebrating a secular ceremony, what I propose to my couples is a whole process of presence, support and introspection.

In the course of organizing such an important event, you can quickly find yourself caught up in a plethora of choices available to you, the stress of deadlines and the fact that you sometimes feel lost in the midst of all this.

This is why it seems crucial to me to be your point of reference, by providing you with solutions, attentiveness and peace of mind, from the preparation to your wedding celebration and even beyond that.

Let’s uncover those special moments that made you fall deeper in love with each other and put them into words.

The words that are expressed during your commitment ceremony have a real value.

To enable you to preserve and cherish your story, I will provide you with timeless media.

You can read it as often and for as long as you want, and the feelings of that day and of the preparation will flow back in.

You will respond to these treasured items emotionally in every step of the rest of your life.

Secular Naming

Celebrate Life

Your marriage is the starting point for creating your family. First of all, just the two of you, and then maybe more. Just as you wished to give meaning to your marriage, you want to do the same thing for the birth of your child.

With a great deal of joy and emotion, I will continue to accompany you through the amazing step of becoming parents. In order to realize an authentic and meaningful secular naming ceremony for this important stage in your life.

Renewal Of Vows

Ode To Love

Would you like to renew your secular wedding ceremony, to commemorate your years of success? Or perhaps give yourselves the gift of the celebration you couldn’t have, at the time you said “I do”?

Is there anything better than celebrating the joy of being together and going through life hand in hand, no matter what the successes and challenges may be? Your renewal of vows is a unique opportunity to reaffirm your commitment intimately or in front of the people who matter most to you, and to make it into a true ode to the most wonderful thing in the world: Love.