12 Music Ideas for the Ceremony Exit


I’ve already discussed some musical ideas for the entrance to the ceremony, so how about we discuss some ideas for the exit?

The exit music is also an important aspect of a wedding ceremony; it will be the first thing you hear as you exit the ceremony as a married couple. Therefore, this style of music is usually quite upbeat and lively, and will set the tone for the celebration following the ceremony. However, finding the right song can also be a difficult choice, as you want something happy to share with all your loved ones, and something that will represent who you are as a married couple.

The selections I am sharing with you below are upbeat songs with many instrumentals that talk about love and happiness. I hope this will provide you with some inspiration!


And of course, I must start with this one! – Lovely Day, Bill Withers

Similar style to the one above – Just the Two of Us, Grover Washington Jr

Starlight, The Supermen Lovers

The classic wedding march, because you can never go wrong with this one!

Something that makes you want dance – Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Queen

My ceremony exit song – Tout le bonheur du Monde, Sinsémilia

Because we are all happy – Happy, Pharrell WIlliams

If you love dancing (and even better if your wedding is in September) – September, Earth, Wind & Fire

Because you’ve 100% found love – Now That We Found Love, Heavy D and the Boyz

Something with a great beat – Love Foolosophy, Jamiroquai

Always a good one – Viva la Vida, Coldplay

When you just want to share the love – Love Is All, Roger Glover